Rachel Eva Elaine Garwood

During the past 19 years, Rachel Garwood completed her Medical Sciences and Law Degrees at the University of Leeds and has worked in the private, public and voluntary sector for large, medium, small and start-up businesses in industries including Finance, Law, Environmental Services, Aviation, Transport, Engineering, FMCG, Nutrition, Leisure, Tech and Food and Beverage. 

Her roles have encompassed business administration, graduate schemes and business development positions with a specialism in bid management as well as founding several companies where she has acquired a; wealth of work experience, diverse knowledge base and multi-faceted skill set.

Whilst Rachel was working in the nutrition field as a wellness coach in 2012, she was introduced by her personal trainer to a job opportunity at a world renowned nutrition company. She then began selling health and wellness products and helping clients make healthier food choices and lead more active lifestyles.  Rachel has first hand experience of  successfully adapting eating and exercise habits; having tipped the scales aged 17 at close to 14 stones and then shedding around 60lbs during the course of  twenties and early thirties, she knows the challenges faced to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Due to this experience Rachel decided to launch YourCook, an online platform connecting consumers with food retailers that specialise in providing healthier meals to their clients. Initially she wanted to launch her own meal prep company back in 2013, so due to her love of porridge and food in general, she is launching a healthy personalised porridge brand, POP Porridge in 2020.